Demo 2016

by Earthgrave

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released February 29, 2016



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Earthgrave Finland

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Track Name: Buried By Grief
Verse 1:

Across frozen mountain ranges
Sword in hand through seas of blood
After years of war we have finally won
As we make our way back to our homeland
We see that our kin have met their end
And the sight shatters us all


Faces frozen in terror
Their bodies torn apart
I see his path of destruction
I smell the burning flesh
Buried by grief
We mourn wives and children
I swear that you will pay

Verse 2:

Now we march against all odds
Into the realm of the death god
Every step takes our closer to our end
With failure comes certain death
Nothing binds us to this life
There is nothing left to lose

Verse 3:

Across the frozen wastes of death
Into the mouth of madness
The time has come for the final battle
And our swords meet their deathforged steel.
The chaosborn son strikes me down
and the chill of death reaches my heart.
I die proud. I die free.
Track Name: My Blood, My Land
Verse 1:
I took up the cause to defend my own
Against those who would take them from me
I could not hesitate when the time came
To take the life of those who stood in the way
I had to free their flesh of their souls
Let loose the demons within

To release you from your pain
From your need to hurt my own
I have cause to take your life
No value it has for me
I will see my blood to safety
Without regard for morality
My blood, My land, Your death

Verse 2:
Your kin soon follow your worthless cause
I will take their lives as I took yours
And follow their roots to your legacy
No son will inherit your lands
No bloodline will follow your own
In death you balance the scales of your life
Track Name: Funeral of Gaia
Verse 1:
Dried and crackled the vast ocean floors
Burnt and desolated the lush green woods
Cold and hardened the molten iron core
Her body heaves in aeons of torment

The wind blows cold
across her blackened plains
No sun to warm the surface
of the mother of all

The funeral of Gaia
the last rites of Terra
No one left to mourn her passing
Her children long dead and gone

Verse 2:
Shattered and broken the highest mountain peaks
Molten and vanished the ice of the glaciers
Embraced by the giant and abandoned by the dwarf
Long since departed the atmospheric veil
Track Name: Forever Winter
Verse 1:

Years ago
In fear and desperation
A foreign growth within
No cure was ever found
But I found a way
to cheat in the reapers game
I did not know
the price would be so high


Forever black
Forever dead
Forever winter

In the dark
this prison of a dying world

In my heart
In my soul
Forever dead

In the cold
the only one who knows

Verse 2:

I saw the end
as the fallout darkened the skies
I held my wife in my arms
as the reaper claimed his prize
I watched as the world I loved
burned with nuclear flame
I stood alone in silence
As the first snow of the final winter fell

Verse 3:

Centuries pass
They feel like minutes
I have buried my children
and their childrens children
It has been dark for so long
I can't remember the sun
Immortal and alone
I linger forevermore